June 17, 2013

3 tips to improve a company’s interview process

In a post I wrote last week, I discussed why senior leaders tend to be poor interviewers. Today, I want to offer a few “solutions” that may help improve a company’s hiring process, starting with senior executives.

1. Tap into HR

Make sure that the chief human resources professional is well-versed in talent management techniques. The best HR pros help guide senior executives through the interview process by providing up-front questions and tips to consider during evaluation sessions. The HR expert will further augment the process by introducing formal testing and assessment tools to help dig deeper into a candidate’s talents and psyche.

2. Take a look at your own career path

It is wise for leaders to look at themselves in the mirror and figure out how they got to the place that they are and try to find other high performers by devoting sufficient time to prepare for and conduct a quality interview. Readjust your priorities -- talent management should be at the top (or close to the top) of the list.

3. Consider turning to other employees

As mentioned above, HR can help manage the interview process, but the assistance of colleagues can be vital too. Look at your team and decide whose instincts you trust and who can focus on getting the most information out of a candidate. Then, make sure to have an open discussion with this person/s so they know their role in the interview process.

In the end, my fellow blogger, Gregg Landers, has a great saying: “Hire well or manage hard.” 

What is the interview and hiring process like at your company? Do senior leaders play a vital role?

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