April 7, 2016

Highlighting workplace wellbeing with the Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards

CBIZ and Edington Associates LLC are pleased to announce that the pre-qualification process for the 4th annual Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards is now open (until April 30). Organizations that meet the pre-qualification threshold will be invited to submit an application for the awards, and the application process is open through May 31.

Recognizing organizations that are actively engaged in the pursuit of a healthy and high-performing workplace and workforce, the awards are based upon the following five core pillars of success in wellness:

  1. Senior leadership
  2. Operational leadership
  3. Self-leadership
  4. Recognition and rewards
  5. Quality assurance 

Employee wellbeing not only affects workplace productivity and employee engagement, but when leveraged effectively, these programs have a lasting impact on employees’ lives outside of the workplace environment. To learn more about the Edington CBIZ Next Practice Awards, please click here.

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