June 27, 2013

The Affordable Care Act one year after SCOTUS decision

Believe it or not, it’s already been a year since the Supreme Court confirmed the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) was constitutional, cementing its place as the law of the land. Since then, CBIZ has been educating and preparing our clients and providing answers to the many issues that stem from implementation.

That’s why we held educational seminars for local clients, hosted webinars, and published our CBIZ Health Reform Matrix and Health Reform Checklist. We’ve also provided ongoing Health Reform Bulletins.

Of course, we’ve also been busy on the blog. In light of the anniversary, we decided to round up all our posts with educational information on the Affordable Care Act in one place as a handy guide.

1. What employers need to know about Obamacare tax provisions
Bill Smith explains the various, significant tax provisions related to the ACA that will affect employees and employers alike.

2. What employers need to ask about Affordable Care Act insurance provisions
Employers who fail to properly follow the ACA’s mandates could face penalties, including fines. To mitigate those risks, Zack Pace outlines five questions employers must ask themselves to assess their current offerings.

3. 10 essential benefits that must be covered under Obamacare
Under the ACA, most plans in the individual and small group markets must cover essential health benefit packages. Coverage for those packages must cover 10 specific categories of benefits, which Karen McLeese describes in this piece.

4. How to improve your voluntary employee benefits plan
Zack Pace outlines how voluntary benefits can complement and round out employer-paid benefits and also explains what kinds of inefficiencies he has seen as a result of professional audits of voluntary benefits programs.

5. 8 functions of health care exchanges
In this post, Karen McLeese details the eight primary features of the exchanges -- or marketplaces -- that are mandated by the ACA.

6. Is your group health plan ready for health care reform
Preparation and implementation of a Health Care Reform Preparedness study is discussed by Joseph E. Ellis, Sr.

7. What to know about health care exchange options
Karen McLeese explains what the exchanges are and how they will be organized.

8. The Supreme Court has spoken…now what
One day after the Supreme Court handed down its decision, Karen McLeese summarizes the ruling and breaks down what the ACA actually entails.

9. Employee benefits: They are a-changing
As 2013 starts, Karen McLeese takes time to reflect back on health care changes that occurred in 2012 -- including the Supreme Court decision -- and describe how they will affect the industry and employers going forward. 

If you still have questions about the ACA, our team of experts is available as a resource. To contact an integrated health reform solutions expert, fill out this form.

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