July 22, 2013

Podcast: Interview with Kathy Lambert of Dress for Success Midwest

CBIZ has made it to the national finals of the American City Business Journals’ Social Madness contest. We’re now even closer to winning $10,000 for Dress for Success!

In previous posts, we’ve written about the voting process for the contest, and my colleague Nancy Mellard highlighted some key facts about Dress for Success (DFS).

To help you further understand why we’re so passionate about this organization and so motivated to help them by winning the $10,000, my colleague Kristin Huntley recently conducted a podcast with Kathy Lambert, Founder and Co-Director of Dress for Success Midwest.

In the podcast, which you can listen to below in its entirety, Kathy discusses her involvement with DFS, how it has impacted her personally, and the most rewarding part of being associated with the organization. The conversation will give you a closer look into the organization and its great work.

Here are a few highlights from the podcast:

1. After hearing about DFS, Kathy would find herself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about its mission and what she could do to be a part of it.
2. The $10,000 grant would enable DFS to purchase a used passenger van that can pick up clients to take them to meetings, workshops, mock interviews, and real interviews.
3. The best advice Kathy gives to her clients is to be proud of who they are. When she sees women at the DFS boutique emerge from the dressing rooms with a smile on their face while wearing a new suit, Kathy tells them to bring that confident attitude to interviews.
4. Seeing the women move past bad situations and be successful has been the most rewarding part of Kathy’s work with DFS.

Please help us continue to make a difference in the lives of women across the country by taking a minute to vote for CBIZ in the Social Madness contest!

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