January 21, 2016

HR tips for the past, present and future

In today’s evolving workplace, we are always looking for the next best thing – thinking about our future, often told to not dwell on the past. However, many HR professionals may not feel this is possible as January is a month filled with last year’s data. We must complete W-2s, collect census data for discrimination testing and/or 5500s, and now have the added work of our first ACA reporting.  

 With all this going on, it is easy to feel overwhelmed – already sensing the pressure of 2016, forgetting all the great accomplishments of 2015. For your work resolution this year, live a little in the past so that you can be fully enthused and rock the future. Here’s how:

  • Take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. Try to think of the big projects and accomplishments you completed in 2015. Use that energy and pride to move confidently into this new year.
  • Look back to improve forward. Pull your files or process documents from 2015 and look at them with a new perspective. What can you improve? Did you save the report you needed so you don’t have to write a new one every year? What steps could be removed or shortened?
  • Set goals. What do you wish you did last year? What would make 2016 better? Write yourself goals and put them in front of you to look at daily. This will help you push to accomplish them, as well as provide you a list to celebrate next January!

After all this, if it still seems to be too much – write a list! In case you need a starting point, here are some items to check off your to-do list:

Remember, you have survived January before and you will again. Use the above tips and checklist to help you wrap up 2015 and ensure a successful 2016. 

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