July 25, 2013

What business risks to review before a natural disaster

Today's post is brought to you by Mark Madar, Director of Risk Management and Quality Assurance at CBIZ Risk & Advisory Services. Mark can be reached at RASinfo@cbiz.com or cbiz.com/ras.

What should a business do when it is faced with a major business interruption following a natural disaster?

Unfortunately, this is a question that seems to have become all too common in wake of several natural disasters in the last few years. The hope is that you never have to navigate your business through the aftershocks of a devastating natural disaster such as Hurricane Sandy or the tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas.

However, we strongly believe that it's important to prepare for every possible circumstance before it happens. The following infographic contains 10 areas to review now ahead of a possible disruption to your business caused by a natural disaster. Preparing your business continuity plan now will help you identify the business and financial risks your business would face while recovering from a natural disaster and its aftershocks.

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