December 29, 2015

2015 Food Drive best displays, most improved offices announced

For two weeks in November, CBIZ offices across the country embarked on an intergalactic journey to fight hunger. In doing so, many of our locations had fun getting into the Food Drive spirit by having their employees team up to construct food displays that were sure to capture attention and spread the enthusiasm to fellow associates as well as office visitors.

We were certainly impressed with the creativity shown in constructing these displays. For example, in Woodstock, Ga., employees were trained by Yoda, while a 9-foot-tall, 8-foot-wide AT-AT Walker made friends in Maple Grove, Minn. Meanwhile, in St. Louis, Mo., “Can-2 D-2” was spotted causing mischief.

The creativity put forth by each office during the 2015 National Food Drive was out of this world, keeping up with this year’s theme of Hunger Wars: Episode 2015. Our employees put forth a tremendous effort that resulted in over 1 million pounds of food donated to food pantries in CBIZ communities around the country!

Now the time has come to officially announce the winners for best displays and most improved offices. This year, we have five national theme winners and one winner for the general display. Be sure to check out pictures of the winning displays below!

 Best Hunger Wars: Episode 2015 display

1.       CBIZ Memphis

2.       CBIZ Chicago

3.       CBIZ Frederick, MD

4.       CBIZ Sattler

5.       CBIZ Kansas City

Best general display

1.       CBIZ Tucson

Most improved offices by category

1.       Large (56+ employees) -- CBIZ Myers & Stauffer in Owings Mills, MD

2.       Medium (21-55 employees) -- CBIZ Myers & Stauffer in Raleigh

3.       Small (1-20 employees) -- CBIZ National Tax Office in Greenville, SC

We want to extend one last thank you to all participating offices, and to everyone that followed along as CBIZ offices once again came together to fight hunger. 

Memphis Display

Chicago Display

Frederick Display

Sattler Display

Kansas City Display

Tucson Display

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