November 2, 2015

CBIZ declares war against hunger, announces national Food Drive

As the country starts gearing up for the holidays, CBIZ offices nationwide will once again come together to make an impact on their local communities during the CBIZ Food Drive, which has resulted in donations that total more than 3 million pounds since the Drive began in 2009.

We’re excited to continue that mission and will be encouraging our offices to star in the Hunger Wars: Episode 2015 -- this year’s national theme. After last year’s Food Drive far exceeded expectations, our goal for this year’s Drive is 700,000 pounds of food.

The Food Drive always produces friendly competition as each office tries to collect the most nonperishable food items, such as beans, pasta and soup. Employees also have the option to make monetary donations with a conversion rate of $1 equals 5 pounds of food. Everything collected will be donated to food pantries in each office’s local community.

From Nov. 2 to 13, offices will compete for prizes in the following categories. You can check out last year’s winners here.

1. Most Improved since 2014

2. Most Creative Display based on theme of “Hunger Wars: Episode 2015”

3.  Most Creative Display based on any theme

4.  Top Collecting Office

Prizes will be awarded to the top offices in each category based on the size of the office: small (1-20 employees), medium (21-55 employees) or large (56 employees or more).

The offices that collect the most food will receive a corporate cash donation toward a local food pantry of their choice, and employees will be rewarded with an extra half-day vacation. The second place Top Collecting Offices will receive a corporate cash donation for a local food pantry of their choice and breakfast or lunch for the entire office.

Winners in the Most Improved category will receive breakfast or lunch for the entire office, while winners of the Most Creative Display categories will win lunch for those offices’ planning committees.

We’re already seeing that our employees are putting their game faces on and thinking of outside-the-box, creative ways to participate in the Food Drive (check out some of the highlights from last year’s Food Drive).

For example, CBIZ Payroll in Roanoke, Va., has enlisted the help of Gold’s Gym to sponsor a Zumba event to benefit the Food Drive. On November 7, all community members will have the opportunity to participate in a fun Zumba class taught by well-known local instructors by donating $5 or two non-perishable food items.

Make sure to check the CBIZ blog for updates throughout the competition, and follow the most creative fundraising efforts on social media using the hashtag #CBIZFoodDrive.

Good luck to all of our participating offices, and may the force be with you! 

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