July 9, 2015

Reinventing your HR: The 21st century HR professional

Human Resources is a function that is changing rapidly in companies of all sizes. Gone are the days of HR being viewed as the “paper pusher” with piles of paperwork to be processed and filed, the “picnic planner” in charge of all the activities and food, or the “gossip department” where employees only go to complain.




Regardless of size, organizations are re-evaluating their HR spend and structure by exploring technology solutions. Once thought to be possible for large companies only, technology has become a critical component in small businesses’ success and has become a low cost option to reduce overhead and improve efficiencies. Through the growth of cloud computing and SaaS solutions, small businesses have access to robust applicant tracking, benefit enrollment, self-service and performance management tools for the same cost as hiring an additional HR administrator “paper pusher.”


Engagement and culture


Large public companies like Google have encouraged the world to re-evaluate employee responsibilities and human capital management. HR professionals are now challenged to create new and exciting ways to engage their personnel, encourage their involvement in the organization, create opportunities for natural team building and show employees the more personable side of the business. They must be aware of generational differences and the company culture to do so successfully.

Human capital management


Many CEOs and business owners are waking up to the strategic value of HR or more aptly named Human Capital Management. The difference is that in today’s version of HR, the development of associates, the growth of new leadership, and the construction and maintenance of quality teams are critical to creating business bandwidth and capacity. Historically, HR leaders would be responsible for resolving conflict; now they are teaching employees to have conflict but in constructive ways.


As the profession develops, the requirements to be a leader in the HR space look more like those of a CIO, CFO or even CEO. So leave the picnic planning to a committee and use Human Resources as a strategic weapon, wielded for the growth and prosperity of the business.

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