January 29, 2015

2015 trends in wellness

Typically, workplace wellness equates to trying to decrease employees’ health care premiums and maximize an employer's return on investment. This mentality will take a progressive turn in 2015 as employers begin to focus on outcomes rather than financial returns. This year, it's not so much about investing "X" amount for a greater return three or five years down the road; it's more about encouraging employees to take their health more seriously. And, employers will continue to show greater interest in healthy outcomes over than dollars spent.

As rising premiums continue to drive more premium share to employees, we will see three key trends in wellness in 2015:

1. Employers will take action to create healthier workforces and workplaces rather than simply push information onto unenthusiastic employees. Rather than just providing booklets on the importance of health, many employers will take it upon themselves to create gyms or implement smoker surcharges in an attempt to stimulate action.

2. As employers show greater interest in their employees’ health over ROI, the move toward wearable devices will help measure desired outcomes, and employers are looking to monitor the progress of their wellness programs by determining whether employees have successfully met their fitness and nutrition goals.

3. Employees’ growing interest in health will spark employers’ action. Employers are recognizing this desire and they want to compel team effort and make it fun for their employees. In 2015, we will see employers ingrain health as an aspect of corporate culture. Whether it is through putting in treadmill desks, building gyms, hosting yoga and stress management classes or bringing in lifestyle coaches, employers' interests in wellness programs are shifting and will continue to do so in 2015.

Check out the infographic below for more on what's to come for workplace wellness this year.


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