December 17, 2014

CBIZ Food Drive 2014: Best displays and most improved offices

As you may have already heard, the 2014 National Food Drive hit an all-time record this year, raising 747,743 pounds of food.

We’re always encouraged to see a friendly level of competition among our offices, and this year was no exception. As in the past, we asked our employees to come up with displays, either tied to the theme –- Stampede the Need –- or a general theme that is an expression of their office.

2014 didn't disappoint! Here are this year’s champs for best displays, as well as most improved offices compared to last year. Make sure to scroll down to the bottom to see photos of the winning displays!

Best Stampede the Need display
1. CBIZ Tucson
2. CBIZ Memphis

3. CBIZ Payroll in Maple Grove, Minn.

Best general display
1, CBIZ Chicago
2. CBIZ Tampa Bay
3. CBIZ Irvine

Most improved offices by category.
1. Large – CBIZ Kansas City
2. Medium – CBIZ M&S Consulting Services in Austin, Texas and CBIZ M&S Consulting Services in Raleigh, NC
3. Small – CBIZ Payroll in Palm Desert, Calif.


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