September 25, 2012

Who is the typical workplace fraudster?

When you think of instances of fraud in the workforce, what comes to mind?

Most people picture billion dollar companies conspiring to hide debts and inflate their stock price -- like the Enron scandal. Maybe you picture a smooth-talking financial whiz kid who steals his clients’ nest eggs -- like the Bernie Madoff swindle -- or some other high-profile incident costing millions of dollars.

Despite the fact that these cases often make international headlines, most instances of fraud occur at small businesses -- and who the typical perpetrator is may surprise you.

The 2012 Report to the Nations, conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, outlines the typical fraudster profile, typical job positions, industries, and the financial impact. Understanding the characteristics and traits associated with fraudsters is an important tool to preventing and detecting fraudulent activities.

Check out the graphic below for some of the main highlights from the ACFE study. Does anything on the graphic surprise you or change the way you thought about fraud? Also, be sure to read my previous post with tips to prevent workplace fraud by employees.

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