November 5, 2012

CBIZ holds “Mission:Possible” National Food Drive

Giving back to our local communities is an integral part of the CBIZ culture. We are proud of the way our professionals give back, both on an individual basis and collectively in broader efforts.

I’m sure you’ve read about the work my fellow blogger Nancy Mellard does with the CBIZ Women’s Advantage program with offices nationwide.

"Give till it hurts" - Winning theme from 2011 food drive
The foundation of our community involvement is our annual National Food Drive, which helps local food banks during the holiday months. The food drive has been an incredible success with offices nationwide donating more than 1.5 MILLION pounds of food since we began this company-wide effort three years ago.

We’re going to make this year’s food drive the best ever. This year’s theme is Mission:Possible, and it will take place between Nov. 5 and Nov. 16.

Our goal is to collectively donate more than 600,000 pounds of food from offices nationwide. More than 5,000 CBIZ employees in more than 130 offices nationwide will be participating by donating food and money, and each office will also accept contributions from clients, vendors, friends and family if you want to help. To find your local CBIZ office please click here.

The National Food Drive is also a contest where offices compete to earn part of the $12,000 pot that CBIZ will donate to local food banks. The contest is split into two categories: large offices (more than 25 employees) and small offices (fewer than 25 employees). The top three winners from each category will receive corporate donations to their food bank of choice.

The spirit of giving back to the community, as well as the incentive to win the company-wide contest, spurs many CBIZ offices to hold contests, food theme days, games, and inter-office challenges to encourage donations. A highly sought-after internal contest prize is a lunch with our CEO, Steve Gerard, or our President, Jerry Grisko, given to the winning offices in each category.

CBIZ Boca Raton Halloween bake sale
We’ve already seen some offices get a head start on the contest; the Boca Raton office, for example, held a Halloween-themed bake sale to raise money and interest.

Stay tuned for pictures and anecdotes throughout the Mission:Possible food drive. We’ll be announcing the official donation amount and office winners in early December.

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