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January 22, 2013
2012 brought a continuum of changes initiated by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Affordable Care Act” or ACA). Not only was the law reviewed and opined on by the Supreme Court, but a federal election was had, and the administrative agencies are issuing implementation regulations at a frenetic pace.

January 17, 2013
Calling all Chief Financial Officers (and those who know one). When others think about the attributes of a CFO, traits such as trustworthy, responsible and dedicated often come to mind. Of course, many also visualize the office number cruncher. But, being a CFO is just a part of who you are.

January 10, 2013
It’s been several years since we emerged from The Great Recession, but even as late as last year I saw businesses hesitant to take risks and break through the self-imposed restraints many utilized to make it past some lean times.However, I believe that 2013 will be the first time we see American companies bust through the cautious nature many adopted as a result of the market downturn.

January 4, 2013
Our December Small Business Employment Index (SBEI) has been released and the findings show a 0.39 percent increase during December, following a decrease of 0.82 percent in small business hiring in November. The SBEI’s increase in small business hiring coincides with ADP’s December jobs survey, which revealed that the private sector added 215,000 jobs, significantly exceeding analysts’ estimates of 140,000 jobs and surpassing November’s revised tally of 148,000 added jobs.

December 20, 2012
The CBIZ Mission:Possible Food Drive set a company record this year, raising 648,000 pounds of food.In addition to the desire to donate to local food banks, what helps make the Food Drive so successful is the creative and competitive environment we fostered among offices thoughout the country.

December 14, 2012
In a recent blog post, I wrote about the start of our company-wide Mission:Possible food drive. The goal was to collectively donate more than 600,000 pounds of food from offices nationwide to local food banks.The Etch A Sketch display entry from CBIZ Knoxville.

December 12, 2012
Since the early 70s, employers have been implementing wellness programs to make a genuine effort to improve the lifestyle of their employees. And, these programs have been proven to help the bottom line. A lean and efficient workforce and balance sheet -- what’s not to like? Still, our push within the human capital realm needs further adoption and traction in regards to participation and that starts with the top and trickles down.

December 7, 2012
The November CBIZ Small Business Employment Index (SBEI) has been released and the findings show a 0.82 percent increase during November, following a decrease of 0.89 percent in small business hiring in October. The SBEI’s slight increase in small business hiring corresponds with ADP’s November jobs survey, which revealed that the private sector added 118,000 jobs in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, however still came up short compared to October’s revised tally of 157,000 added jobs.

December 6, 2012

December 4, 2012
Today’s guest post is brought to you by Zack Pace, Senior Vice President of Benefits Consulting at CBIZ, Inc. Zack can be reached at ZPace@CBIZ.com.My colleague, Bill Smith, recently wrote an insightful post describing what employers need to know about ACA tax provisions.

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