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December 23, 2010

HRB 28 - Implementation of Salary-based Discrimination Rules Delayed

December 23, 2010 --  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) imposes salary-based discrimination rules on insured health plans (see our CBIZ Bulletin, Salary-based Discrimination Rules Applicable to Fully Insured Group Health Plans). The IRS, with the endorsement by the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services, has just issued Notice 2011-01, delaying the effective date of these rules. No penalties will be imposed until after implementing regulations are issued.

December 22, 2010

HRB 27 - Additional Guidelines to the Small Business Tax Credit

December 22, 2010 --  As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), a tax credit is made available to certain small employers who offer qualifying health coverage to their employees (see CBIZ Health Reform Bulletin,

Small Business Health Care Tax Credit). Recently, the IRS released some additional welcome guidance on how this credit is to be implemented, specifically:

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December 20, 2010

HRB 26 - Mini-Med Plans: Increased Transparency and Disclosure

December 20, 2010 --  The HHS’ Office of Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight (OCIIO) recently issued two bulletins relating to mini-med plans that seek a waiver from complying with the PPACA’s ban on the imposition of annual or lifetime limits on essential benefits. Our prior Heath Reform Bulletin, Mini-Med Plan Relief from Annual Limit Restriction Offered, issued December 9, 2010, describes the waiver process.

December 16, 2010

HRB 25 - State Tax Treatment of Older-aged Dependent Coverage

December 16, 2010 --  As 2010 comes to a close, issues relating to the taxability of health coverage provided to older-aged dependents must be pondered.  As part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, health plans that provide coverage for dependents must allow a dependent child to remain on the plan until he/she reaches his/her 26th birthday.

December 7, 2010

Retirement Plan Reminders

In-Plan Roth Conversions

December 7, 2010

2011 Limits: Qualified Transportation and Medicare Parts A and B

Qualified Transportation Expenses

November 17, 2010

HRB 24 - Amendment to Grandfathered Health Plan Rules

November 17, 2010 --  Five months ago, the Departments of HHS, Labor, and Treasury (“Agencies”) issued interim final regulations relating to grandfathered health plans (see CBIZ Health Reform Bulletin, Grandfathered Health Plans Rules).  

November 9, 2010

Plan Communication Important

In a recent case (Madhuri Kasireddy, Plaintiff, v. Bank of America Corporation Corporate Benefits Committee,No. 09C7940, US District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division, 10/13/10),the importance of diligence in plan communication is underscored. 

November 9, 2010

Participant Level Fee Disclosure Regulations Finalized

The DOL’s Employee Benefit Security Administration (EBSA) has been engaged in a 3-prong approach to ensure adequate fee disclosures payable by retirement plans. The first prong came in the form of Schedule C reporting requirement; these requirements took effect for the 2009 plan year. The second prong relates to fee disclosure to plan sponsors. On July 16, 2010, the DOL issued interim final regulations addressing fee disclosure matters by service providers (see Retirement Plan Fee Disclosure Continuum, Benefit Beat, 8/5/10). The third prong relates to participant level fee disclosures.  On October 20, 2010, EBSA issued final regulations, a Fact Sheet, and a Model Chart, relating to participant level fee disclosure. 

November 9, 2010

2011 Pension and Retirement Plan Limits

The 2011 plan limits, applicable to defined benefit and defined contribution plans, have been issued by the IRS (highlights below).  You will note that there are no adjustments for 2011.  The cost of living index remains unchanged from 2010; thus, there are no increases for 2011.

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