Public Sector Cost Recovery Services

Public Sector Special Services


COVID-19 is shaking up business as usual in all sectors. If finding ways to cut costs and increase cash on hand is top of mind for your organization, consider CBIZ Cost Recovery Services. We identify and recover overpayments made to vendors and suppliers that may have resulted from transaction, regulatory or contractual errors or payment duplications.

These special services include Accounts Payable Recovery Audit, Construction Cost Review and Telecommunications Cost Recovery.

CBIZ cost recovery professionals help you identify overcharges and recover immediate, real dollars to your bottom line.


As an example, telecommunications cost recovery specialists review past telecommunications bills for errors and work to recover any overcharges through credits. Clients typically see 10 to 30% reductions in their telecommunications expenses. Additionally, if appropriate and with your approval, once the validation is complete our experts will implement our industry-leading collections process. We conduct these services in a professional, courteous manner. All work is done remotely. You can rely on us to be mindful of the nature and sensitivity of your supplier and vendor relationships.

Resources and Case Studies

  • University's Telecom Review Uncovers $4 Million Recovery Savings Opportunity (case study)
  • This short video describes a typical case – one that returned $2M in savings.
  • Construction Cost Review Recovers $90,000 (case study)
  • Construction Cost Review Saves Public University $65,000 (case study)
  • Construction Audit Saves University $800,000 in Construction Costs (case study)