Public Sector Special Services

Public Sector Special Services

Services structured specifically to assist publicly funded agencies managing COVID-impacted budgets and a hybrid workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the public sector particularly hard. Budgets have been depleted by demands for service and equipment needs that were not imagined in 2020 planning. At the same time, tax revenues and other funding sources have plunged. Workforces have been reduced by furloughs and health issues, while the need for service by members of your community continues to grow.

CBIZ’s Public Sector Special Services help you capture cost savings and cost recovery dollars directly to your bottom line, identify and control risks inherent in the rapid expansion of remote operations, and manage the challenges of a hybrid workforce. All services are conducted by experienced professionals and facilitated by cutting-edge technologies to deliver highest quality, efficient service with minimal intrusion to existing operations.

Benefit Costs and Pharmacy Benefit Review
Prescription drugs comprise as much as 25% of health plan expense. A pharmacy benefit review often suggests significant cost-saving alternatives. Learn more here.

Retirement Plan Management/Investment Services
A retiree death audit can save big dollars in your pension plan. An investment performance review can minimize the effects on your group’s retirement plans. Learn more here.

Workers’ Compensation Cost/Structure Review
Are you paying more than is required or duplicate benefits? A workers’ comp cost/structure review may point to significant savings. Learn more here.

Cybersecurity – Turnkey/Support Solutions
CBIZ helps public entities manage cybersecurity, hybrid worksites and staffing transitions with custom cost-saving solutions. Learn more here.

Cost Recovery Services
Telecommunication and accounts payable cost recovery audits can painlessly return cash to your bottom line. Learn more here.

Property Valuation Services
Specialized property valuations can deliver better insurance to value for publicly funded entities. Learn more here.

Payroll & Workforce Management Solutions
Attract, retain and manage key talent with efficient processes that maximize your investment and improve the overall end-user experience. Learn more here.


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