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Private Client Services

Multifaceted Solutions Designed for You

Managing finances, properties, estate plans and retirement plans takes time, as does creating strategies to protect tangible assets, operate family-owned business and make significant gifts. When your hands are full, juggling multiple service providers gets that much harder. A team that understands your multifaceted needs and provides a variety of solutions to address them makes achieving your goals for you and your loved ones easier.

Too often it falls on you to communicate needs among your service providers, such as alerting your tax provider about an investment strategy change or seeking valuation support because your insurance broker needed more comprehensive underwriting data. With our interconnected team, you receive the peace of mind that any recommendations or strategies consider the different elements of your estate that may be affected by your wealth decisions. This unified approach enables you to focus more on what matters most — enjoying your success and maintaining family wealth.


Our Signature Suite of Solutions

Private Client Services

  • Accounting & TaxWe provide core accounting, tax and valuation solutions for you and your estate that includes basic bookkeeping, bill pay, valuation, and planning for income tax and estate tax.
  • Concierge ServicesOur concierge services assist with the financial elements of household management, including insurance and medical claims, household staff payroll and benefits and financial reporting for personal property.
  • Insurance Services: We provide insurance offerings tailored to your household to support the risk management of assets and secondary properties. We also facilitate the placement of life insurance policies.
  • Business Owner SupportFor owners and operators of closely held and family-owned businesses, we provide tax planning, accounting, valuation, property and casualty insurance, business transition consulting and retirement plan administration.
  • Wealth ManagementWe provide discretionary investment management across traditional and alternative asset classes. Our core services include portfolio management, performance monitoring, cash flow analysis and retirement and philanthropic planning.


Commitment to Coordination & Care

CBIZ Private Client Solutions has the unique ability to provide multi-disciplinary, coordinated solutions that respond to the complexity of your family’s lifestyle while also addressing business needs. With more than 6,500 team members nationwide, you will receive extensive specialized knowledge to assist you with the financial, risk management, business and wealth management considerations of your estate.