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Growing Bank Streamlines HR and Payroll
New Financial Model Fuels Strategic Growth Decisions
Efficiency Study Enhances Productivity and Cost Savings for National Self-Storage Firm
Optimizing New Software Leads to a Streamlined Audit Process
LIFO Method Unlocks Major Cash Flow for Dealership
LIFO Method and ERTC Combine Forces, Unleashing a Clever Tax Strategy
Improving Payroll Accuracy and HR Efficiency While Gaining Data Insights
Lease Accounting Assistance Helps Infrastructure Company Successfully Implement and Manage ASC 842
Tax Deferrals, Grants, and Relief Aid Food Manufacturer’s Recovery from Fire
Large National Bank Trusts its Audit Firm to Rise to a Challenge
Unified HCM Solution Streamlines Employee Journey
Payroll Processing Time Reduced by 50% with New Workforce Management Solution
Technical Experts Fill in 5 Years of Missing Historical Data to Prepare for Pre-IPO Audit
ERTC Guidance Determines Unexpected Eligibility
Accounting Support After Unexpected Turnover Secures Efficient IPO
Insurance Appraisal Reveals Cathedral Overinsured by $130 Million
Multi-Resource Solutions Addresses Law Firm's Tax Department Concerns
Accounts Payable Review Uncovers $680,000 for Food Packager
Insurance Appraisal Reveals Property Values $870 million Above Current Value
Outdoor Manufacturer Updates Property Values for Acquisition
New System Improves Efficiency and Saves Time
Pension Data Review Yields $300k in Savings
Trust Reconciliation Results In Cost Savings of $250,000 for Statewide Association
Pharmacy Benefit Review & Analysis Result in Projected Savings of $3.2M in Year 1
Counties in Statewide Association Realize $600k Cost Savings from Retiree Death Audit
CBIZ InR Assists Municipal Employees in Saving Over $250,000 in Fees in Their 457 Plan
Property Insurance Appraisal Reveals Agency Under-Insured to the Tune of $680 Million
Member Counties in Statewide Association Realize Cost Savings from Pension Plan Review
Solvency Opinion Aids Dividend Payout for Life Sciences Company
Tax Department Support Creates Seamless Transition to Remote Work Environment
FATCA and CRS Clarified with International Tax Co-Sourcing Solution During COVID-19 Pandemic
Tax Processes Prepare Telehealth Company for IPO
Private Equity Firm Tax Co-Sourcing Doesn't Miss a Beat During COVID-19
Tax Consulting Optimizes Long-Term Tax Benefits for Telehealth Company
Review of University's Telecom Infrastructure Uncovers +$4 Million Recovery Opportunity
Asset Appraisals Reduce Insurance Premium for Gaming Group
Property Insurance Appraisal Reveals Agency Under-Insured to the Tune of $680 Million
County Department of Education Partners with CBIZ for Cybersecurity
State Lottery Enlists CBIZ for Cyber Compliance
School District Board of Education Improves Claims Process (Case Study)
Sustainable, Cost-Saving Pharmacy Solution Saves Nearly $1M
Sustainable, Cost-Saving Pharmacy Solution Saves $800k+ for Employer
Outsourced Controller Provides Financial Navigation Through A Critical Transition
Accounting Operations Re-Engineered to Support Changing Business
Expert Preparation Helps Food Prep Business Secure Multi-Million Federal Emergency Loan
International Co-Sourcing Clears Up WP Certification Quandary
Not-for-Profit Corporation Secures $1.8M Loan for Shopping Center
Leveraging Insurer Relationships Secures 55% Premium Reduction for OB/GYN
Auto Dealerships are Susceptible to Cyber Attacks
University Scores $65,000 Savings on Athletic Facility Construction
Retailer Rewarded by Early Revenue Recognition Adoption Analysis
Engineering Firm Accelerates Adoption Time for Revenue Recognition Standard
Revenue Recognition Analysis Supports Construction Company's Implementation
Rev Rec Consulting Updates SaaS Implementation Plan
Tax Opportunity Pays Huge Dividends for Venture Capital Firm
Co-Sourcing Tax Helps Private Equity Firm with the Heavy Lifting for Investments
Missouri Chemical Company Benefits from $175K of Personal Property Tax Savings
Accounts Payable Analysis Prescribes $1.5 Million for Pharmaceutical Company
Enhanced Workers' Comp Coverage Reduces Mod and Saves $900,000
Successful Safety Program Decreases Workers' Compensation Claims
Pharmaceutical Company Achieves $2M in Savings with Large Deductible Program
Filling the Demand for Start-Up Medical Device Company
Captive Insurance Saves Trucking Company More Than $1 Million
Construction Audit Saves University $800,000 in Construction Costs
Tech Company Receives $50,000 Tax Credit from the State of Kansas
Missouri Pharmaceutical R&D Firm Receives over $5.5 Million in Incentives
Kansas Gives Manufacturer $2.5 Million in Tax Incentives
Manufacturing Company Receives over $2.5 Million in Incentives
A Real Estate Company Suffered a Data Breach Due to a Malicious Software Attack (case study)
Engineering Firm Receives $67,000 Grant for New Software Training
Tech Company Receives $120,000 Cash for Employee Training Grant
Compliance Expertise Delivers Savings, Enhances Benefits Plan (case study)
Complete Insurance Audit Yields Improved Coverage and $600,000 in Annual Savings
Restructured Workers' Compensation Program Provides First Year Savings of $350,000
Workers' Compensation Program Provides Client Three Year Savings of $1.4 Million
Client Saves $130,000 And Improves Its Property & Liability Coverage
Comprehensive Risk Analysis Saves $13,000 While Improving Coverage
Health Care Industry Expertise Yields $181,000 Premium Savings Plus Coverage Enhancements
Expanding Scope of Captive Insurance Saves Engineering Firm $1 Million
Comprehensive Insurance Audit Enhances Coverage and Generates $300,000 in Savings
IT Audit Brings Student Loan Servicer into 21st Century
Resolution of California Audit Issue Cuts $185,000 from Marketer's Tax Bill
Railroad Receives More than $200,000 in Tax Savings
$2 Million Saved Through Broker/Dealer's Telecommunications Audit Recovery
Software Implementation Streamlines Marketer's Operations
Credit Analysis Outsourcing Accrues Benefits for Bank
Improved Process. Future Success. - A Case Study of FIRST
Risk Management Tool Drills Down to Oil & Gas Company's Core Business
Bankruptcy Services Uncover Ponzi Scheme
Bankruptcy Services Increase Payout to Creditors
Forensic Accounting Helps Metal Recycler Salvage $650,000 Insurance Claim
Outsourcing Returns Frees Tech Firm Resources
Restaurant Chain Streamlines Sales Tax Compliance
Professional Services Agreeement Gets to the Heart of Hospital's Deal
Early Identification Saves Retailer More Than $500K
Analysis of Unclaimed Property Saves Chemical Manufacturer More than $48.5 Million in Assessment and Penalties
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Receives $3.6 Million Dose of Present Value Tax Savings
Transfer Pricing Studies Alleviate Manufacturer's Compliance Burden
R&D Study Yields More than $1 Million in Tax Credits for Cosmetics Manufacturer
Pharmaceutical Company Recovers $90,000 from Initial Audit of Construction Project
Pennsylvania Tax Settlement Results in $1.2 million Decrease in Assessment
Appeal of Florida Assessment Eliminates Retailer's $1.6 million Tax Assessment
Resolution of New York Assessment Saves Manufacturer $2.7 million
Bogged Down Bandwidth Reveals Tech Incubator's Cyber Vulnerability
Bank Opens Door for Potential Breach (case study)
Prescription for Growth: $5 million in State Incentives
Dumpster Dive Reveals Security Risk (case study)
Credit Union Saves $200,000+ with Internal Audit Outsourcing (case study)
Gone Phishing: Opportunity Identified to Improve Email Security (case study)
Real Estate Developer Benefits From More Than $8 Million in Tax Savings (case study)
Manufacturer Receives More Than $750,000 in Tax Savings (case study)