Cost Segregation Studies

The proper classification of your real estate assets can signal tax savings, and at CBIZ, we help you capitalize on those opportunities.

Through our cost segregation studies we classify real estate costs into asset classes with shorter depreciable lives, thereby accelerating depreciation deductions. Newly constructed, acquired or renovated commercial buildings such as apartment complexes, office buildings and distribution facilities stand to benefit from a cost segregation study, particularly properties with a basis of more than $1 million. We also perform look-back studies on buildings built, acquired or renovated within the past 10 years to identify previously missed deduction opportunities.

CBIZ cost segregation specialists help you to maximize the benefit of a cost segregation study. We work closely with you to understand the ins and outs of your organization to ensure you take the accelerated deductions in a year when your taxable income allows you to absorb the accelerated deductions or in a year when tax rates are not increasing. With our services, you have the additional assurance that your cost segregation report is prepared in accordance with financial regulations.

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