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Analyzing: Where are you now?

Technology is essential to the success of your business. Selecting and implementing the right technology solution that will support your company’s objectives requires strategic planning.

CBIZ has the resources and knowledge to guide you through the technology planning process. Our consultants will assess your technology needs, identify the constraints or gaps in your current systems and identify ways in which to implement a technology solution that will help you to increase productivity, enhance operational efficiency and achieve greater profitability.

Selecting: Where do you want to go?

To enable you to achieve success and maintain a competitive edge, technology must provide you with comprehensive business management tools and resources. Once you make the decision to implement a solution, we will work with you to choose the technology that will best support the scope of your business.

CBIZ MHM, LLC software consultants have in-depth accounting and technology expertise so we know the features of each software package and the results that each should deliver.

Key consideration is given to:

  • The software’s flexibility and ability to be configured to meet your business objectives without costly modification.
  • System’s value to the company.
  • Ease of use and learning on the part of the end user.

Implementing: Helping you get there

We install, configure and customize your software solution to meet your specific needs and objectives. Our implementation process is structured to deliver the maximum benefits of the technology solution to your organization. Data from your existing system will be upgraded to seamlessly integrate in your new system.

We take pride in our hassle-free process. To facilitate your implementation with minimal interruption to your business, we will provide you with written procedural details and maintain open communication.

Upgrading/Data Conversion: Helping you make a seamless transition

Upgrading or converting your existing databases to your newly-implemented software system need not be a daunting or expensive process. We have extensive knowledge of database management and will work with you to ensure a seamless conversion of your existing data.

In order to minimize the risk of downtime and data loss, we will carefully analyze your old databases before deciding on the best and most cost-effective strategy to convert your data. We are able to correct any errors that may exist in your old databases and test the converted data to ensure accuracy in your information.

Integrating: Using your data efficiently

Managing your business more efficiently requires integration. Fragmented databases that store information at different levels in your organization and disassociated technologies can prevent you from achieving success.

Our integration services will bridge your technology gap and bring together your front end and back end operating systems. We will integrate your databases with your software package to provide you with a seamless flow of real-time information across multiple sources. As a result, you will have faster access to data for business analysis and more informed decisions.

Training: Upgrading your skills

We conduct hands-on training at all levels. Our flexible training program allows participants to use the system while being trained for better retention of information. We also develop detailed procedures to facilitate the effective use of the system and eliminate unnecessary down time.

Support: Keeping you there

As accountants we understand your business and are committed to supporting your organization. We offer you knowledgeable, flexible and responsive support.

Our support services are offered via:

  • On-site visits
  • Telephone – extended hours from 8 a.m. until 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday
  • Remote access
  • Voicemail
  • Fax

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