Sales & Use Tax Refund Study

Sales & Use Tax Refund Study

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The laws and rules for proper compliance with sales and use tax are confusing at best. Companies often overpay sales and use taxes because of arcane laws and sales tax exemptions and the high volume of transactions affected by sales and use taxes. For those businesses that operate in a variety of jurisdictions, the challenge of meeting sales and use tax obligations is even more complex.

CBIZ sales and use tax services help ensure if you have overpaid your sales and use taxes in error, you receive the proper tax refund. We have a deep understanding of the sales tax exemptions available in each state and help pinpoint which exemptions may apply to your operations. Once our sales and use tax specialists identify an exemption, we work closely with you throughout the tax refund process. We gather invoices and prepare the necessary documentation to file for refund claims, and we provide guidance on how to minimize sales and use tax mistakes moving forward.

As one of the nation’s leading providers of accounting, tax and business solutions, we have the experience and the expertise you can rely on to help you maximize your tax savings.

Geoffrey J. Christian

Managing Director

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