Sales Tax Compliance

Sales Tax Compliance

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The volume of transactions and the complexity of sales tax regulations make sales and use tax return preparation a time-consuming process. By outsourcing your monthly sales and use tax preparation, filing and payment, you can free up your valuable internal resources to focus more on your core business functions.

CBIZ sales tax compliance services minimize the strain of sales tax compliance through a suite of services designed to streamline the tax return process. Our highly experienced tax professionals leverage multistate expertise in order to bring you efficient solutions. We prepare and review your sales tax returns within the proper deadlines with the help of an automated software system and help ensure you are taking advantage of any applicable sales and use tax exemptions. The cost effective services we provide come with the additional benefit of reducing the risk of penalties or erroneous payments.

We work closely with you to customize our sales tax compliance services to address your specific needs and concerns, allowing your company to foucs more on its core service offerings.

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