Multi-State Sales Tax Consulting


The June 2018 Wayfair Supreme Court decision determined that physical presence is no longer the only standard a state can use to impose sales tax collection on remote sellers. As a result, states are rapidly updating their sales tax laws. Keeping up with the changes is expected to strain internal tax resources because effective dates, thresholds, sales tax exemptions, and other factors will vary by jurisdiction.

CBIZ simplifies your sales tax compliance in the post-Wayfair landscape by analyzing where you may have sales tax nexus. Our state and local team team helps identify the products and service lines now subject to sales tax collection and ensures your sales tax collection and remittance process is prepared for the new standards.

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'Wayfair' Decision Insights

Sales Tax Changes Adoption Timeline - 01/28/19
More than 30 states have updated their sales tax policies since the Supreme Court decision. This graphic depicts the timing of the various effective dates.

‘Wayfair’ Update: States Adopting Sales Tax Changes - 01/21/19
Since Wayfair, states have been busy. Now that physical presence is not the only requirement, states are looking for ways to impose their sales tax laws onto out-of-state companies.

Online Retailers Reeling as Supreme Court Overturns Quill in Landmark Sales Tax Ruling - 6/21/18
The Supreme Court decision ruled that states can now collect sales tax on remote sellers, which could dramatically increase state and local tax obligations for online retailers.