Private Client Tax & Accounting Services

Private Client Tax & Accounting Services

Private Client Tax and Accounting Services

When you reach a certain point in your life, you want to enjoy the benefits of your family, wealth and lifestyle.  Managing your finances, estate and retirement plans can infringe upon your personal time. As a result, many high net-worth individuals, including entrepreneurs, celebrities, executives and those whose wealth is inherited, have turned to professionals for assistance.

CBIZ private client services support high net-worth individuals with their diverse financial and administrative activities. From sophisticated compliance and risk management to routine bill paying, you have access to services that fulfill current needs, anticipate future changes, and help you achieve your goals. The attentive, personalized service we deliver also comes with best practices backed by our more than 40 years of experience working with private client service engagements. 

Private Client Tax and Accounting Solutions

  • Data Management: Receive assistance with the retention and storage of financial documents, document archiving, and asset tracking.
  • Estate Planning: Minimize the state and federal taxes that could erode your family wealth with a comprehensive suite of strategies and estate planning solution offerings.
  • Family Business Services: Receive assistance with tax minimization, ownership transition, and business valuation for your family owned and operated business.
  • Family Office Services: Control your costs, simplify your financial oversight, and make it easier to manage your wealth with our suite of family office services.
  • Income Tax Planning: Enact tax minimization strategies and access support for routine tax return and preparation.
  • Transactional Planning: Receive support to efficiently transfer business interests and keep the business running smoothly before, during, and after leadership transitions.

The 2024 Dirty Dozen list is full of taxpayer warnings, most of which alert taxpayers to multiple types of scams attempting to steal taxpayers’ money or falsely lowering taxes, including suspicious online advice to charitable remainder annuity trusts and fake charities exploiting taxpayer generosity.

The Green Book, a document detailing the president’s revenue proposals, encompasses various areas of tax policy that the Biden Administration believes will create a more equitable and efficient tax system overall. Remember that the Green Book represents the president’s “wish list” for tax policy, while Congress must draft and pass any associated legislation.

Here are three initial steps to get started on your businesssuccession journey.

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