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Expatriation Planning

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The international marketplace brings a wealth of benefits to companies, such as a broader client base and opportunities to lower production costs. Without careful planning, the price for those benefits may be unduly placed on your employees.

At CBIZ, we create expatriation tax strategies to optimize foreign laws and reduce tax burdens for employees who work in foreign countries. Our expatriation specialists have a solid understanding of international laws and resident requirements and work closely with your organization to set up an amenable plan to maximize your tax efficiency. We assist with making appropriate first-year elections using provisions for residents who are citizens of other countries and ensuring appropriate timing for income recognition. For U.S. residents, we consider U.S. tax provisions for foreign-earned income and housing allowances to find ways to reduce their overall tax burden.

We leverage our international resources to help your comapny's transition to an overseas office or your international employees' transition to your U.S. office go as smoothly as possible. Our specialists also draw from our depth of international tax and business consulting solutions to provide additional support for your core business functions and strategies. The tailored, comprehensive services we provide are designed with your success in mind.

Don Reiser

Managing Director

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