Customs Duty & Indirect Taxes

Customs Duty & Indirect Taxes

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Too often “above the line” charges—customs duties, fees and other indirect taxes—get lumped with the costs of goods sold internationally. When this happens, those costs have little visibility or perceived control. This can signal that the cost of customs, trade and indirect taxes are unknown, unmanaged and either absorbed by the company or passed along to clients in the form of higher prices. If you do not recognize these costs, you may be missing out on certain tax benefits.

CBIZ customs, trade and indirect tax specialists can help. We work closely with you to implement the customs valuation, product classification, free trade agreements, special customs programs and other planning strategies that can reduce, defer or even eliminate tariffs and indirect taxes associated with cross-border business. Through our proactive consultation, we help clients reduce their costs and enhance their cross-border compliance. 

The dynamic solutions and strategies we provide keep you up-to-date with your changing regulatory environment. Experience the commitment to our clients' success that has helped us become a leading provider of tax, accounting and business solutions.

Don Reiser

Managing Director

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