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Energy Incentives

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Energy efficient buildings do more than save on heating and cooling costs; under the Section 179D- Energy Efficient Building Deduction, the efforts you take to make your building energy efficient could qualify for tax write-offs.

Private owners of commercial buildings that have been recently constructed, remodeled or retrofitted may be able to offset the costs of energy efficient lighting, HVAC and building envelopes for tax years beginning before Dec. 31, 2020. A number of new and existing buildings qualify including: tenant-owned lease-hold improvements, rental apartment buildings that are more than four stories and primary designers of government buildings.

CBIZ Section 179D specialists work closely with you to review your eligibility for the deduction and provide the basis for moving forward to claim it. As part of our services, we consider the rebates and tax incentives available for purchasing energy-efficient equipment and components. Additionally, we work with you to determine if you could qualify for other federal tax incentives. The comprehensive approach we take helps you capitalize on all of the opportunities available to you.


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