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Accounting Method Review

Tax professionals going over tax data

Your accounting function serves a critical role in your organization's cost control strategies. There are often a number of ways to account for items. Implementing the optimal accounting methods can help reduce your taxable income. As a leading provider of accounting, tax and business services, we have the expertise and skill set you can count on to find a tax advantage.  Whether you’ve recently acquired a company or are on the verge of becoming profitable, our services can assist you in finding your organization’s best possible tax accounting methods.

CBIZ accounting and tax professionals conduct thorough reviews to ensure your accounting methods meet regulations and maximize your tax benefit. Our specialists work closely with you to review past tax returns and financial statements in order to understand the tax accounting methods you use. Then, we consider if there is a possibility of deferring the payment of tax or if there are other tax benefits to be had. Should a review turn up an accounting issue, we will work with you to design a plan that fixes the problem and mitigates your exposure to tax penalties.

The experience we have garnered from serving industries ranging from manufacturers to retailers and construction and technology specialists has provided us with best practices and tested solutions that we pass on to our clients. 

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