Valuation Depreciation Report

Valuation Depreciation Report

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Your Guide to How Time Affects Depreciation Methods

Valuation Depreciation Report

Insight into how your equipment’s depreciable life affects its depreciation method can help you understand the quality of your equipment appraisal. Our review of depreciation methods demystifies the relationship among depreciable value, depreciation method, and your equipment’s depreciable life by providing:

  • Insights into differences among the depreciation methods
  • Tips for selecting the appropriate depreciation method for your equipment
  • A side-by-side comparison of different depreciation methods over common depreciable lives

Key Takeaways

The information will help you:

  • Learn the factors that affect the selection of your book depreciation method
  • Evaluate your appraiser's inputs into your equipment's valuation
  • Understand the results of your equipment appraisal

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