Telecommunications Valuations

Telecommunications Valuations

Telecommunication structure in field

Technological innovations, international competition and an ever-changing regulatory environment make the telecommunications field more complex than ever. Management must consider both present and future factors in order to maximize the company’s operating position. CBIZ telecommunications valuation services help provide your company with the valuable data it needs.

Our telecommunications professionals leverage their industry knowledge and technical expertise to address your specific concerns. We have helped broadband, broadcast, cable and local and long-distance carriers value assets ranging from network equipment to mobile satellites, semiconductors and telecommunication software.

As a national valuation and accounting firm, we are uniquely positioned to assist with the spectrum of valuation purposes. CBIZ staff will work with you to determine whether your company should build technology from scratch or make a strategic acquisition. Our valuation specialists will verify that your company has been accounting for its assets in compliance with financial reporting regulations. If you believe your company’s intellectual property has been infringed upon, our team will work with you to determine the appropriate economic damage to which your company may be entitled. We also regularly assist clients with valuations for bankruptcy and reorganization, derivative valuations, fairness opinions, ASC 350/360, in-kind contributions, solvency opinions and transfer pricing.

The experience we have accumulated through our years of serving telecommunications clients helps us to understand the valuation and telecommunications issues involved with your transaction or decision. We will work closely with you to provide an accurate, timely and defensible valuation opinion on which you or a third-party intermediary can rely.