Tangible Asset Valuation

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Expertly managing your tangible assets

CBIZ's tangible assets valuation practice combines skilled consultants, technology, innovative service offerings, and unparalleled customer service to address each client’s specific requirements. We assist with financial reporting as it relates to Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP), Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statements 34 and 35 (GASB-34/35), and Government, Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting Requirements (GAAFR). 

We have experience serving a variety of industry groups and clients including commercial facilities, educational institutions, governmental entities, industrial plants, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Discover how our depth of expertise can assist with all of your tangible asset management needs.

Tangible Asset Valuation Solutions

Insurable Values: Building componentization, square footage studies and insurance values continue to be of interest to a variety of companies, particularly state and local government entities, colleges and universities and health care facilities. Our national practice provides insurable valuation expertise in real and personal property for a wide variety of facilities, ensuring our clients are insured to proper value as well as to support and expedite claims.

  • Barcode Tagging 
  • Building Underwriting Data 
  • CAT Modeling Data 
  • Contents Inventory Services 
  • COPE Data 
  • Fire Protection Identification 
  • Flood Zone Certification 
  • GPS Coordinates 
  • Layer/Exposure Reporting 
  • Loss Control Data Collection 
  • Reconstruction Cost Values 
  • Replacement Cost Values 
  • Underwriting Data 
  • Updating Services

Machinery and Equipment: Our machinery and equipment appraisal staff assist with the preparation of insurable values for manufacturing and production machinery, office furnishings, hotel and apartment furnishings, professional office and retail furnishings, hotel and apartment furnishings and office machines.

  • Asset Impairment 
  • Condemnation 
  • Eminent Domain 
  • Estates/Gifting 
  • Financing 
  • Leasing 
  • Litigation Support/Expert Witness Testimony 
  • Purchase Price Allocation 
  • Sale/Purchase 
  • Tax

Property Records and Annual Revisions: CBIZ Valuation Group’s property record and revision professionals have extensive backgrounds in the inventory and reconciliation process of fixed asset accounting. They utilize a specialized method involving handheld computers to gather all pertinent information, which is then downloaded into our proprietary software and processing systems.  Our range of services also encompasses annual updates of property ledgers, including cost, depreciation and reserves, and projection of depreciation over a selected period of time.

  • Accuracy of federal and state income tax reporting 
  • Compliance with financial reporting practices 
  • Corporate control of capital assets 
  • Documentation of insurable value 
  • Minimization of state and local property tax

Property Valuations: Our practice has been providing property valuation services for many decades. From tangible asset appraisals and inventories to property insurance appeals and data collection, we provide the full spectrum of property valuation services.

  • Annual Reports for Financial Reporting 
  • Annual Site Visits 
  • Automated Physical Inventories 
  • Barcode Tagging 
  • Best Practices Review 
  • Capital Asset Management 
  • Data Aggregation 
  • Data File Development 
  • Depreciation Schedules 
  • Desktop Updates 
  • Insurable Value Determinations 
  • Insurance Placement 
  • Inventories 
  • Original Cost Determinations 
  • Policies and Procedures Development 
  • Proof of Loss 
  • Property Cost Accounting 
  • Reconciliation Services 
  • Replacement Costs 
  • Scanned Re-Inventories 
  • Supplemental Underwriting Data 
  • Useful Life Schedules
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Tangible Assets
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