Life Sciences Valuation

Life Sciences Valuation

Insightful Valuation Opinions Engineered for Life Sciences

Life sciences companies operate in a highly regulated environment that makes accurate financial values essential. Our valuation team has specific experience in the life sciences sector, and we use our industry background to help you efficiently respond to requests ranging from the valuation of tangible and intangible assets to fair value reporting and related party transactions. We also know how your needs may change throughout your company's life cycle and have the experience to help with values for emerging growth companies as well as with public and multinational enterprises.

Life Sciences Valuation Solutions

  • Complex Valuation & Advisory: Our team performs valuations for purchase price allocations, fairness opinions, fair market value, solvency opinions, mergers and acquisition analysis, intellectual property and intangible assets.
  • Financial Reporting Valuation: We assist with values for accounting related to alternative investments and derivatives, asset impairment, equity valuation, and stock options and warrants.
  • Tax-Related Valuation: We perform valuation analysis for gift and estate planning, transfer pricing, and intellectual property research and development tax credits.

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