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Valuation conclusions play a critical role in the high technology industry. From the valuation of the materials necessary to run your operations to shareholder disputes, you need timely, accurate and defensible opinions of the assets involved.

CBIZ high technology valuation professionals leverage their deep understanding of the industry in order to bring you the valuation opinions you need for your complex decisions. We provide services that include the valuation of businesses and business interests, securities, intellectual property, in-process research, and development and other tangible and intangible assets. Our team has helped clients with everything from the valuation of computer peripherals to the valuation of industrial automation, information technology and manufacturing entities.

The technical expertise we provide assists with the numerous situations that may trigger the need for valuation services including IRS compliance, private placements, restructuring and initial public offerings. Our practical, analytical services can be tailored to address your specific needs and concerns. CBIZ draws on national experience working with financing sources, underwriters, venture capitalists, service providers, consultants and high technology operators to help you facilitate your transactions.

The acumen we have garnered from our years of working with high technology companies can help guide your company through the complex valuation-related transactions, regulatory requirements and legal constraints you may encounter.

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