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Understanding the value of your business assets helps you make more informed decisions in a number of merger and acquisition, tax planning, financial reporting and litigation situations. Getting to that value is not easy, as the complex regulations surrounding valuation are ever-changing. CBIZ Valuation experts can help simplify the process. We provide comprehensive services that asses the value of your assets as well as keep you in compliance with financial reporting regulations at both the corporate and individual levels.

As one of the largest valuation providers in the country, we leverage a wealth of resources to address your specific concerns. With our network of financial and business analysts, appraisers, attorneys and accountants, you can rest assured that your most important financial transactions are in expert hands.
We have specialized expertise working with industry groups ranging from consumer products to financial services, healthcare, high technology, life sciences and telecommunications. Our team also assists with growth and divestiture opportunities as well as corporate recovery and bankruptcy.

Financial Valuation Solutions

  • ASC 350 Intangibles and Goodwill: Goodwill assets and certain intangible assets must be periodically tested for impairment. In order to conduct the testing, businesses may have to perform prior tests. We work with public and private companies to prepare and execute the tests in accordance to ASC 350 standards. Our cost-effective work provides you with the information you need to pass along to your stakeholders, your audit committee and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
  • ASC 360 Impairment or Disposal of Long-Lived Assets: Disposing certain long-lived assets, including assets to be held and used and assets to be disposed of may be subject to ASC 360. We work closely with public and private companies and not-for-profit organizations to determine whether the events or circumstances that led to the asset disposal triggered ASC 360. If they have, we ensure the assets that qualify are disposed of in accordance with financial regulations.
  • ASC 718 Compensation — Stock Compensation: ASC 718 requires that all equity based awards granted to employees, consultants, and board members be accounted for and recognized at "fair value" and expensed over the life of the grant. We work with public and private companies to prepare and execute the required analyses in accordance with ASC 718 standards. The determination of the value of stock-based compensation can become increasingly complex as a company’s capital structure expands to include numerous classes of stock with varying rights and privileges. Our depth of experience in this area provides efficient and cost-effective compliance with ASC 718.
  • ASC 805 Business Combinations: As experts in the valuation of tangible and intangible property, we help companies stay in compliance with ASC 805. Following the regulations regarding purchase price allocations can also minimize any potential challenge by outside auditors or the SEC. We have experience working with the gamut of company sizes and have interfaced and explained conclusions to the SEC.
  • ASC 820 Fair Value Measurements: Companies must state assets and liabilities on the balance sheet at fair value rather than historical cost. Fair value is the price that would be received to sell an asset or paid to transfer a liability in an orderly transaction between market participants at the measurement date. Because of the statement’s far-reaching impact, working with a valuation expert is critical.
  • Bankruptcy and Reorganization: A business can face turbulent times for many reasons, including one or a combination of financial, operational and external economic factors. These factors can lead to a liquidity crisis, resulting in an out-of-court restructuring of the company or even bankruptcy. In these situations, the key issues often revolve around value and how best to preserve and realize value for the debtor and its shareholders. The creditors’ rights must also be addressed to preserve value for the unsecured and secured creditors, lenders and bondholders. In assessing the value of a company and its assets, a valuation expert is essential.
  • Disaster Recovery Insurance Services: Handling insurance claims after disaster strikes can add another headache to an already difficult situation. Our disaster recovery insurance services assist you in handling insurance company requests after insured property loss. We help you gather documentation and present the information to the insurance company in a way that helps collect your insurance claim quickly and in full. Furthermore, our services are frequently covered, at least in part, by your insurance company.
  • Fairness Opinions: Both public and private companies need fairness opinions for a variety of reasons. CBIZ valuation specialists deliver high-quality, reliable fairness opinions by conducting exhaustive due diligence on the companies and executives involved. We examine the details of the transaction; perform detailed financial analysis; test the reasonableness of the proposed transaction and prepare and present a defensible opinion and/or report.
  • Estate and Gifting: CBIZ Valuation professionals can help develop succession and gift and estate plans that pave the way for a smooth transition, while maximizing the business owner’s investment and preserving assets for future generations. Our experts are seasoned in the valuation of interests in closely held business and related securities, discount studies, as well as litigation support and expert witness testimony for IRS appeals or tax court matters.
  • Litigation Support: If you are in business for a while, chances are you will face the unfortunate prospect of becoming involved in a dispute that ends up in litigation. As proven litigation experts experienced in the valuation of tangible and intangible business assets, securities, debt instruments, agreements and contracts, a CBIZ Valuation professional can be a valuable member of your team. Companies and their counsel rely upon us to provide compelling, well-documented valuation and economic damage analyses in litigation proceedings.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: The mergers and acquisitions valuation services we provide range from tax-related purchase cost allocations to advising buyers and sellers on pricing and terms and negotiation tactics. With our sophisticated analytical techniques, thorough understanding of capital markets and experience, we serve a wide variety of industry groups and companies.
  • Section 409A: If your company needs to demonstrate compliance with the regulations established under 409A, CBIZ can help. Our valuation specialists will work closely with you to determine the fair market value of your company’s stock as of the grant date(s). We take into consideration the regulations and use acceptable valuation methodologies that meet the requirements under other sections of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC).
  • Solvency Opinions: The preparation of a solvency opinion requires valuation expertise, in-depth knowledge of the bankruptcy code and the fraudulent conveyance acts as well as experience with mergers and acquisitions. Our solvency opinion specialists have experience performing the necessary tests to provide accurate, reliable opinions for a variety of companies.
  • Transfer Pricing: "Arm’s length” pricing is required for goods and services purchased between related entities. In order to determine the appropriate price, you must consider the risks borne and assets employed by the entities involved. Our transfer pricing specialists have experience in conducting and documenting transfer pricing analyses to help you determine the reasonable range of arm’s length prices for the goods or services in question. We also provide the appropriate documentation to help you meet IRS regulations.
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