Fairness Opinions

Fairness Opinions

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In today’s corporate finance world, there are multiple situations that arise which can complicate transactions and put into question the entire fairness standard of a deal. Often, these conditions are driven by complex deal structures, high use of leverage, regulatory requirements and related party conflicts. When one or more of these factors exist, it is incumbent on fiduciaries to seek independent financial advisors that can provide a complete analysis that opines that a transaction is fair and addresses the concerns of those to whom a duty of care is owed.

CBIZ provides fairness opinions that are both robust and independent. We leverage our valuation experience across multiple industries and use our expertise with middle market transactions to deliver financial advisory services and opinions that have withstood multiple levels of scrutiny. Our detailed presentation materials incorporate both quantitative and qualitative judgements, ensuring that our determinations address procedural, economic and financial elements of the transaction.

We advise special committees, boards of directors, shareholders of companies and other fiduciaries on fairness matters related to a wide spectrum of transactions. In doing do, CBIZ helps clients fulfill their fiduciary responsibilities — providing them with independent, well-supported and detailed analyses that express an opinion regarding the fairness, from a financial point of view,  of the pending transaction.

We have rendered independent third-party fairness opinions to clients of all sizes and industries for a broad range of transactions, including:

  • Buy-side and sell-side transactions
  • Affiliate party transactions (debt and equity)
  • Recapitalizations and leveraged buyouts
  • Disposition of an asset or a portfolio of assets
  • Spin-offs, split-ups, divestitures
  • Take Private or “Go Dark” Transactions
  • Down-round financing, minority investments, and other financing transactions
  • Transactions requiring shareholder(s) vote
  • Transactions involving competing offers

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