Energy & Power Valuation Services

Energy & Power Valuation

Energy plant

Price fluctuations and demand changes make the energy and power sector a particularly challenging environment. Companies involved in exploration and production activities have another level of complexity. Oil, natural gas and other types of energy reserves are considered long-lived assets under accounting standards and must be tested if circumstances indicate the carrying amount of the assets may be impaired. Accounting for financial conditions within the industry is also complex.

Our professionals leverage a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the oil and gas industry to assist your company in meeting its goals and objectives. We have worked with companies ranging from mining to natural gas distribution, oil and gas extraction, petroleum manufacturing, pipelines, power equipment, power generation, power transmission and power plants. This experience has enhanced our ability to offer insightful, defensible valuation opinions. We also draw on a variety of key finance and economic databases that provide statistics and information for energy and power industries in order to support the activity and results demanded by each engagement.

Our energy and power related valuation services assist with a range of functions, including:

  • Bankruptcy and reorganization;
  • Economic loss/damages;
  • Estate & gifting
  • Fairness & solvency opinions;
  • Financial reporting (ASC 350/360, 718, 805);
  • Intellectual property;
  • IP R&D;
  • Litigation Support
  • Merger,acquisitions and divestitures;
  • Real estate;
  • Tangible assets (M&E, insurable values, property);
  • Tax planning; and
  • Transfer pricing.

All of our valuation services engagements are tailored to meet your specific need. Through our customized approach to client service, we help you navigate the complex transactions you face.