Creating a Property Appraisal Services Program for Clients

Creating a Property Appraisal Services Program for Clients

Specialized expertise to help MGAs with property insurance renewals

The property insurance landscape is only becoming more competitive, which makes it more important than ever for brokers and managing general agents (MGAs) to differentiate themselves. Assisting clients with property appraisal services helps protect your hard-earned book of business while enhancing these client relationships.

A consistent property appraisal program ensures the right data is available at the time of insurance renewals. It also reduces the underwriter time spent on building valuation and data review, streamlines the appraisal quotation process, and provides vested parties with uniform reporting.

It’s relatively common for MGAs to step in and take ownership of this task for clients as a value-add service. Because property appraisal programs are highly specialized, most MGAs choose to outsource the development of that program to an experienced insurance appraisal provider like CBIZ Valuation, which as has the expertise and resources to meet underwriting requirements. 

Property Appraisal Services Program Solutions

There is no cookie-cutter design to a program – unique markets, geographies and lines of business need to be taken into consideration. CBIZ assists by providing services that include:

  • Property Insurance Reporting – Prepare reports to assist the MGA and its insureds with establishing current insurable values and other property data as it relates to the MGA’s property insurance reporting requirements.
  • Underwriting Data Collection – Collect supplemental data to assist an MGA with its underwriting reporting requirements including, but not limited to construction, occupancy, protection & exposure (COPE) and other relevant data.
  • Optional Ancillary Underwriting Data Collection –  Provide ancillary underwriting data collections services that can assist an MGA in addressing additional underwriting and reinsurance reporting requirements. 

Benefits of a Defined Property Appraisal Program

  • Eliminate the time it takes underwriters to assess an SOV and utilize a uniform methodology
  • Discover possible issues ahead of time – “Is a building on a National Register of Historic Places requiring reproduction costs?
  • Provide preferred pricing to insureds who have completed appraisals
  • Create a uniform data file and report formatting
  • Reduce risk by taking a collaborative approach for all interested parties 

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