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Valuations lie at the heart of most major business transactions - from mergers and acquisitions, to financial reporting, tax valuation, and litigation. Complex regulations and valuation methodologies can make determining objective, comprehensive valuations no easy feat. That is where we come in.

CBIZ valuation professionals provide accurate, independent and timely valuations of tangible and intangible assets. We have a depth of expertise working with the full range of industries and asset types. Our comprehensive services address the gamut of valuation needs you may encounter during the course of the business life cycle, including financial valuation, litigation support, tangible assets appraisals, machinery and equipment valuation, and real estate valuation. We leverage our national resources to ensure you have quality, thorough information you need when you need it.

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Valuation Solutions

  • Fairness Opinions: We opine on fairness for a range of transactions, including buy-side and sell-side transactions, affiliate party transaction and recapitlizations and leveraged buyouts.
  • Financial Reporting Valuation: Our team assists with a full range of financial reporting functions including goodwill testing and impairment, stock compensation, business combinations, fair value measurements and Section 409A compliance.
  • Litigation Support Valuation: We provide valuation and economic damages analyses for a range of litigation situations, including antitrust damages, breach of contract, defamation and product liability.
  • Portfolio Valuation: Our team specializes in providing clients with independent valuations of portfolios and individual positions for which there are no "active market" quotations, such as illiquid debt and equity securities, complex derivatives instruments, and convertible securities.
  • Solvency Opinions: We render independent opinions on a borrower's ability to service debt and help interested parties understanding the impact of incremental debt on working capital, cash flow and equity value.
  • Tangible Asset Valuation: Our tangible asset practice assists with insurable values, machinery and equipment valuation, property records and annual revisions and property valuations.
  • Tax-Related Valuation: We are noted for our engagements spanning a wide spectrum of areas involving taxation at the international, federal, state and local levels.
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