Transaction Structuring

A transaction is defined as "an instance of buying or selling something." For a transaction to take place, the buyer and the seller must believe they are receiving something of value from its occurrence. Inevitably, complexity will arise as the buyer and the seller seek to maximize value while minimizing risk. Our transaction advisory professionals understand this process and will help you navigate its complexity so that your objectives are achieved. We provide guidance through the selection of the most appropriate structure, whether it is an asset sale/purchase, stock sale/purchase, merger or combination thereof. Our professionals also understand the pre- and post-accounting and tax dynamics of a transaction and will help you map a strategy for a successful execution for merging, acquiring or divesting.


It is not uncommon for the parties in a transaction to conclude that there is greater value in moving forward together. By its very nature, the merger of two organizations is a complex process. Every organization has unique operating dynamics and cultures. Our transaction advisory professionals truly understand the unique challenges and issues that come with a merger. We will guide you through the accounting logistic and help you traverse the tax code so that the merger is achieved in a tax-efficient manner while meeting your strategic objectives.


The decision to acquire an existing business is based on the premise that owning it will yield a substantial return. The old age that "you make money when you buy" is particularly true when acquiring a business. Our professionals will guide you in selecting a structure that will lay a sound foundation for meeting your goals. To ensure you get what you are bargaining for, our team will conduct thorough financial and tax due diligence so that you have an accurate picture of the business—its operating profile, its financial position and its tax status.


For most business owners, the decision to sell their business is usually the most significant financial decision they will ever make. Accordingly it comes with a great deal of stress and emotion, which brings additional challenges to an already complex process. Our team members are experience at help you through this time. They help you receive what you want from your negotiations. To that end, our team will help you select and execute a sale structure that is best-suited for you while maximizing the after-tax value of the deal.

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