IT Diligence

IT Diligence

An IT professional in a server room.

Understanding the current state of information systems and reporting informs buyers on needed infrastructure investments to improve back-office cadence and reporting, as well as prepare for bolt-on acquisitions and aggressive growth initiatives. As part of our IT diligence solution, our team examines the information technology infrastructure to identify system capabilities, security protocols, and internal controls and evaluate potential risks (cyber or other).

IT Diligence Solutions

  • Cybersecurity: We help strengthen your protection against a potential cyber attack through risk assessments and evaluations.
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Assistance: We provide a number of services to help our clients minimize their global cyber risk exposure and sustain compliance.
  • Internal Audit: We evaluate your internal controls and suggest ways in which they can be improved or strengthened.
  • Payment Card Industry Compliance: Customers’ credit card information requires security measures that meet industry standards. We evaluate your system to ensure compliance.
  • Social Engineering: Our professionals perform facilities breach exercises and other testing such as dumpster diving, email phishing, baiting, piggy-backing and pretexting to pinpoint where your risk mitigation strategy could be improved.

Michael Feczko

Senior Director