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Social Engineering

Computer and phone depicting social engineering

The manipulation of human trust poses one of the largest risks to your operating environment. Social engineering is often the first method used to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data, proprietary information, trade secrets or other materials. Breaches of data like these can be costly and disruptive not only in the short term, but also to your organization’s reputation, so it is critical that your organization have a strategy in place to minimize its risks.

CBIZ social engineering professionals work as an extension of your internal controls team to create a plan that addresses your unique risk factors. Our professionals perform facilities breach exercises and other testing to pinpoint where your risk mitigation strategy could be improved. Common engagements we assist with include dumpster diving, email phishing, baiting, piggy-backing and pretexting, all of which are frequently used forms of social engineering that could be leaving you vulnerable to a data breach.

Based on the findings from the exercise, we provide guidance and best practices for how to strengthen your control environment. Additionally, we help with training employees to be aware of the role they could play in a social engineering situation and what steps they can take to minimize the damage social engineering could have on the organization.

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