Security & Penetration Testing

Security & Penetration Testing

Security & Penetration Testing

You often find out too late that your information security protocols have weaknesses, and that discovery often comes with a steep price tag. Having a strategy in place that considers all of the ways networks could be infiltrated – from the digital and through manipulations of human trust – helps mitigate your risk.

Through our full array of offerings, you have access to tools and solutions that help you understand areas of vulnerability and proactively address information security issues.

Security & Penetration Testing Solutions

  • Vulnerability Scanning, Analysis, & Management: Efficiently evaluate for weaknesses in your control environment.
  • Network & Web Application Assessment & Penetration Testing: Safely and proactively test your firewalls and security configurations.
  • Wireless Network Assessment & Penetration Testing: Evaluate the security of your networks, particularly in remote work scenarios.
  • Red Team Assessment: Test the procedures put in place to respond to an information security breach.
  • Social Engineering & Security Awareness Training: Simulate a cybersecurity breach that uses human error and manipulation, including phishing, dumpster diving, baiting, and pretexting to help evaluate social engineering vulnerabilities.
  • System Hardening & Configuration Reviews: Enlist help with improving vulnerable systems and firewall set-ups.

Tips for evolving your cybersecurity strategy for 2021.

CFOs can help manage their risk protocol by reviewing the following areas.

With costs projected to grow at 15% per year, cybercrime has become a highly successful and profitable industry. Indeed, over the last 18 to 24 months ransomware attacks have skyrocketed in both frequency and severity, driving significant changes in cybersecurity practices and cyber insurance. Multifactor authorization is one key piece to ensuring your organization’s protection. 

Tiffany Garcia

Managing Director