Business Continuity & Cyber Resilience

Business Continuity & Cyber Resilience

Business Continuity & Cyber Resilience

After an incident affects your data, your organization needs to mobilize quickly to address the core of the problem and implement standards to ensure it doesn’t happen again. An efficient and effective cyber business continuity and resilience approach instills confidence in your leadership, stakeholders, and clients that stronger procedures are in place that mitigate the risk of loss.

We help expedite recovery efforts through a holistic approach to reviewing, advising, and implementing changes to improve your information security breach response.

Business Continuity & Cyber Resilience Solutions

  • Incident Response Planning & Plan Development: Evaluate the steps your organization takes if an information security breach is discovered.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning & Plan Development: Refine the procedures you would follow if natural disasters or other incidents affect information systems, servers, or other technologies.
  • Tabletop Exercises: Simulate an outage and proactively test your plan for effectiveness.
  • Cyber Insurance Claim Support Services: Enlist help with managing the claims process for your cyber liability insurance.
  • Post Event Reviews: Conduct an assessment of what worked – and didn’t - from a recently executed response plan.

One of the most dangerous ways cybercriminals use social engineering to gain access to sensitive data, financial information, trade secrets, or other confidential material is through deepfake technology. Combatting this virtual trickery is challenging, but it can be done with the proper guidance and knowledge.

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Your company needs to be prepared for internal cybersecurity threats as well as the external.

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