Tenant Advisory Services

Tenant Advisory Services

Tenant Advisory Services

No "conflicts of interest"

Gibraltar is a full-service advisory group strictly dedicated to occupancy issues and the design and execution of solutions that meet tenants’ needs.  Whether tenants seek to acquire or dispose of space, Gibraltar assists in evaluating and identifying all facets of the real estate process so our clients can make sound business decisions.

Many real estate firms choose to represent the landlords’ interests, as well.  At Gibraltar, we do not represent landlord ownerships or management firms, thereby negating the “conflicts of interest” that can exist in our competitors.  Gibraltar was created with the unwavering belief that tenants should be represented with complete impartiality and without the potential for conflicts.

At Gibraltar, we are constantly developing innovative and strategic ways to better our results for our clients.  With the ever changing market around us, tenants need a proactive approach to negotiating, evaluating and managing their real estate needs so they can put their focus on their business goals and objectives.

Our integrated services include:

  • Strategic planning and implementation 
  • National portfolio management 
  • Expansion / Consolidation analysis 
  • Project due diligence 
  • Operational benchmarking 
  • Financial / non-financial analysis 
  • Lease management and negotiation 
  • Tax and operating expense auditing 
  • Cost segregation analysis




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