Carve-Outs & Divestitures

CBIZ assists with Carve-Outs

Creating the Corporate DNA for Success

A carve-out from a parent company can be stressful for both the parent and the new entity. CBIZ is there to assist with the transition of carve-out divisions to stand-alone entities. Our structured approach helps carve-outs build-out and transition finance and accounting, information technology, risk management, human resources, and office and business administration functions. We also assist with transition service agreement (TSA) optimization to ensure your TSA is appropriate for your carve-out situation.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your carve-out create the corporate DNA necessary for success and maturity as a stand-alone business.


With our modular program, you can access the level of support and resources you need.

  • Course Forward & Program/Project Management: We perform a “deep dive” assessment to determine the current state and chart the carve-out process moving forward.
  • Accounting, Finance, & Risk Management: Our team analyzes accounting, compliance, finance, cash flow, and insurance operations to ensure they are ready to be part of a stand-alone company.
  • Redesign of Information Systems: We evaluate how HR systems, CRM systems, finance, and operation systems need to be configured for a stand-alone business.
  • Vendor & Customer Transitions: Our team helps communicate with vendors, customers, and new financial institutions during the carve-out.
  • Employee Pay & Benefits: We assist with the transition of employee pay and benefits and communicate the changes to employee pay and benefits to internal parties.
  • Organization Development, HR, & Recruiting: Our team assists with human resources issues that arise with carve-outs, including new HR policies, redefining rules, and recruiting key personnel.
  • Utility Players: Our team provides the level of assistance that you need, and we supply “Plan B” approaches to assist with the preparation for the unknown.
  • Transition to Stability: Our solutions are designed to ensure a successful hand-off of roles and responsibilities.
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