Revenue Assurance

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The scrutiny on hospital and healthcare organizations' profit margins makes it is more important than ever that your organization make the most of its revenue. CBIZ's revenue assurance team takes a comprehensive look at your revenue cycle and identifies solutions to increase and optimize your revenue streams. Our services consider a range of functions, from coding to financial reimbursement. We also look for opportunities or programs that may bring in additional revenue.

Discover how our experienced term of multidisciplinary professionals can enhance the power of your operations.

Revenue Assurance Solutions

  • Clinical Coding: Our team uses clinical and financial expertise to assist you throughout the reimbursement cycle, helping identify revenue-enhancing opportunities.
  • Financial Reimbursement Services: We examine your operations to determine if underpayments occurring and where your organization's financial position can be improved.
  • Health Information Management Services: Our experienced staff works with medical records departments to create coding processes that are efficient and accurate.
  • ICD-10 Services: Through our ICD-10 services, we review where you may be leaving revenue on the table.
  • Managed Care Services: We provide expert negotiation, financial assessment, contract language review and review of administrative and medical denials to help enhance your managed care payment system.
  • RAC Services: The suite of services we provide for the recovery audit contractors (RAC) assists with clinical coding and documentation, medical denials and appeals, patient accounting and health information accounting, among other functions.
  • Revenue Defender: Our non-invasive, cost-effective solution uses a five-step process to diagnose the scope and breadth of revenue compliance issues while working to reduce your compliance risk and protect entitled revenue.
  • Revenue Optimization Services: We evaluate your service pricing and conduct management care payment audits to identify areas where you could maximize your revenue.
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