Enterprise Modeling & Operational Consulting

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With managed care arrangements, public scrutiny on profit margins and an environment where consolidation and joint ventures are becoming more common, health care organizations face a complex operating environment.

CBIZ enterprise consulting services can make it easier for you to address and enhance your strategic planning so that you can focus more on your core function—serving patients. From identifying potential sources of revenue to analyzing proposed ventures and evaluating for staffing shortages, we provide a broad array of consulting services tailored to your unique needs. Discover how we can help you meet your long-term objectives.

Healthcare Enterprise Modeling & Operational Consulting Solutions

  • Analytics-Driven Services: With more than 35 years of experience with revenue analysis, our team assists with a range of revenue functions, including profit-and-loss modeling, benchmarking, managed care analysis and post-acute transfers.
  • Clinical Co-Sourcing & Outsourcing: Our services include clinical co-management and management service agreements as well as co-sourcing support for accounting, bookkeeping and tax functions.
  • Comprehensive Medical Practice Analysis: We work closely with organizations to identify where business functions can be streamlined and improved.
  • Feasibility Studies: Our team conducts high quality analysis to provide additional insight into proposed ventures and transition plans.
  • Medical Staff Development: We assist with focus groups and transition planning to assist with the business decisions that your organization may face.
  • Physician Needs Assessments: We evaluate your current environment to identify where potential shortages or needs will be to assist with your hiring plans.
  • S20 Monitor: Our melding of data analytics, revenue cycle optimization and clinical best practices has created a unique service that helps hospitals and health systems reduce risk and regulatory compliance issues for short stay admission.
Key Contacts
George L. Kelley George L. Kelley Chief Operating Officer
Fred Luecke Fred Luecke Managing Director
David G. Miller, Jr. David G. Miller, Jr. Managing Director
David W. Thompson David W. Thompson Financial Services Director