Revenue Defender

The CBIZ Revenue Defender is a robust solution that identifies compliance problems and helps fix them before they become much larger issues. Examining billed data, the Revenue Defender is a five-step solution that diagnoses the scope and breadth of revenue compliance issues, reduces compliance risk and protects entitled revenue. The Revenue Defender is comprehensive, non-invasive to your operations and cost-effective. It helps you focus on what needs improving and identifies your facility’s specific needs. In addition, the Revenue Defender identifies revenue-generating opportunities, adding to your bottom line.


  • Screening: The Revenue Defender will identify specific, at-risk accounts and the specific reasons for concern. CBIZ will also review at-risk accounts.
  • Action Plan: CBIZ will work with you to create a focused and targeted action plan to reduce your compliance and revenue integrity risks.
  • Educational & Corrective Actions: Using the results of the screening and action plan, CBIZ can support all of your education, coding and documentation needs.
  • Benchmarking Your Improvement: The Revenue Defender applies rigorous benchmarking which ensures that performance gains are measured and maintained.
  • Monitoring & Vigilance: The final piece is the ongoing screening to ensure that improvements are maintained and that new issues are identified before they become problematic.
Key Contacts
Stacy Pereira Stacy Pereira Executive Director
Jeff Lampman Jeff Lampman Executive Director