Family Law

Family Law

Swift resolutions for family law litigation

Asset division during a divorce proceeding can worsen an already contentious situation. CBIZ Family Law Services resolve the financial issues at stake in your case to move the proceedings along in a timely manner.

Our forensic accounting professionals offer matrimonial litigation services to litigants, attorneys, arbitrators, mediators and courts. We help identify and qualify assets and liabilities, determine income available for child and spousal support, determine reasonable compensation paid to business owners, manage documents and provide expert and rebuttal testimony.

Divorce proceedings can be especially difficult when they involve closely held or family businesses. CBIZ’s family law team is experienced with calculating income in situations where personal expenses are disguised as business deductions or a significant portion of income is collected in cash. We can also assist with business and professional practice valuations.

No matter what the financial issues involved in the case, you can rely on CBIZ to put your interest first. Our professionals make every effort to resolve your concerns in the most advantageous manner possible.

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